Friday, June 22, 2012

Stunning Beauties In The Volunteer Park Conservatory

It's been a rainy day in Seattle, but I got to spend it with all the people in our immediate family line - my mother, wife, son, and daughter - plus a few other newish family members.  And we spent some of our time at the Volunteer Park Conservatory.   We got there pretty close to closing time so I didn't get enough names to go with the flowers.  So just sit back and enjoy nature's spectacular imagination.

Look at the face on this orchid.

Bromiliad  Flower

This one goes by Cryptanhus Fosterianus 'Elaine'.

Another Bromiliad Flower Up Close

White Passion Flower


  1. This is a wonderful sampler of the flowers of the VPC. I love the way you showed a face in the Vanda (purple checked) orchid. You might see my book, "Flowers of Volunteer Park Conservatory," for some of the plant names. Nice job here!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Sara, I'll follow up on the book. I usually try to get pictures of the names of the flowers so I can use them, but I only got a few and we didn't have much time and I had a couple of kids with me.


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