Sunday, June 24, 2012

From AA to Yoga at Venice Beach

Ran down to Venice Beach this morning.  Blue,  blue sky.  Not too warm.  Took off my running shoes and socks and went down to the water.  Modest surf, nice kelp.

On the beach there was a large crowd for the Sunday morning AA Meeting.  (I know AA is anonymous, so I took the picture from far away and I don't think anyone could be identified.  The resolution is low enough that blowing it up won't help.)

And a little further down the beach was Brad's Yoga.

And then I got off the sand.  Put my shoes back on and ran back. 


  1. I was born and grew up in So. California with long summers in our beach house. Seeing your feet in the surf brings back that particularly-odd-feeling pleasure when the ebbing tide sucks the sand from around one's feet, leaving one's heels kinda stranded on hard un-sand-like mounds. Well, my big feet, anyway. How about yours?

  2. I know that feeling well, but I was at the edge of the water here so it didn't happen.


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