Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sullivan's Reelection Campaign Starts With Snow Plows

There's an old adage in local politics - mayors win or lose on how well the fill potholes and deal with stray animals.  In colder climates, add clearing snow to the list.

We've had four or five snow falls in rapid succession since the end of October and I have never seen the snow plows out on our street as often and as quickly as these last two weeks.  Is this just good government or does this have something to do with Municipal elections coming up next April?  Summer street sweeping has also been much faster than in previous years.  While I disagree with our mayor on most important issues, I have to give him credit for clearing the streets quickly after it snows.

Here's a map as of 7:33am this morning of what's been cleared.  The Muni has Plan A and Plan B for clearing snow.  The city neighborhoods are divided into three different groups.  In Plan A, Group 1 gets plowed on Day 1, 2 on Day 2, and 3 on Day 3.  In Plan B it is reversed.  In the past, the website didn't tell you which plan was currently in effect.  Now it does.  They even have a map posted for clearing sidewalks and trails now!  It shows which are Muni routes and which State DOT routes.

They came by last night.  This morning I was greeted by another surprise.  You could see pavement!  I don't remember the last time our street was cleared down to pavement.  There have been times toward the spring when they'd scrape the ice off as much as possible, but this early in the season?  I don't remember it happening.  (My memory and what actually happened don't necessarily coincide.)

Now, if there is a break in the snow for a week or more, maybe they'll come can clear out the snow berms that are growing.


  1. However, despite his brag-up two or three weeks ago on "Talk of Alaska" about what a great job they do with snow, the sidewalks are -- as usual -- unnavigable for people who would like to walk on them, but are instead forced to posthole through huge berms that are sometimes so high that pedestrians are forced to walk in the streets.

    Things weren't great with the winter sidewalks during Begich's administration, either, but this mayor's focus on budget cuts has made it worse.

  2. (Or, as another bus rider put it the other day, you only count to the Mayor if you drive a car. Bus riders & pedestrians... not so much.)


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