Monday, November 07, 2011

"I was going to pull a Columbine"

When I did the skype interview with Brent Scarpo, almost two weeks ago, I asked what was the best experience he had doing his transformational work.  He gives two in the video below.

UPDATE:  Brent in the studio with Shannyn Moore
Listen and talk to Brent on the Shannyn Moore Show at 11:15am today (Monday) on 1020  on the AM dial.  95.5 FM.  Call 907-522-1020  Not in Anchorage?  Listen online.

Then tonight he'll talk at the East High Auditorium in his main public appearance while he's in town.  7pm.  It's free.

The title of the post? Ya gotta watch the video.

There's also a workshop Tuesday from 5:30pm to 9pm at the Mt. View Credit Union 1. To reserve  a spot in the workshop email Healing Racism in Anchorage or go to the HRA website.

UPDATE: I added the pictures of Brent in the studio with Shannyn Moore. David Linck, the publicist for Frozen Ground being filmed now in Anchorage (and many other movies including American Beauty) was also there.

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