Monday, November 07, 2011

More Snow - Natural Exercise

 I believe that the more natural exercise - physical activity that accomplishes some necessary task, like digging the hole for my insulation in September, and not just exercising to exercise - the better off we are.  The number of people who drive to the gym to work out, or take the elevator when they could take the stairs point out the irony of our times. 

Mother Nature is helping out this week.  I shoveled about 4 inches of snow out of the driveway yesterday and this morning I was greeted by another 6.  But the light snow doesn't have the heft of a shovelful of dirt, but tossing it does work on a back muscle.  And it didn't take more than ten minutes.  But it got me out in the cool fresh air and moving my body.

It helped, more psychologically than physically, that my neighbor had cleared the sidewalk at the bottom of the driveway for me.  

(This post is mainly for people in places like  LA or Honolulu who don't get to shovel snow, or who grew up in snow and now live in one of those snowless lands.)


  1. Sometimes wish I had your driveway, rather than ours.

    Probably shovelled for 90 minutes, plus drove the snowblower for 2 hours. Now I'm replacing its drive belts before the next big one.

    You're right - great exercise.

  2. And I spent 4 hours helping turn in mushroom-compost to a project garden yesterday in London... one of the world's lamentable snowless lands!

    I do miss snow -- but a few inches comes round here once or twice a year and then it's headline news for disruptions. (smile)

  3. Phil, think how much more fit that makes you! And all those vegies and the lake.

    Jacob - mushroom-compost? I guess I should google it. Is this regular compost that's going to be used for mushrooms? I can't imagine you have enough mushrooms to make compost from. And why wouldn't you just eat them?

  4. I know about the snow in Anchorage: Guillermo and Paula have the weather report at their i-Pods...


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