Monday, November 28, 2011

Occupy Your Brain

Everyone is telling us what and how to think.
There are so many claims made every day that some will slip past your crap detectors and make their way into your brain.

The occupiers - whatever their message - have tapped into a general distaste for all the bullshit we live with everyday.  There is no one message.   Those who say the occupiers need to brand themselves, don't get that this is an anti-branding movement. The critics so take for granted their own brainwashing that they don't realize this is about paradigm shifting.  Each person feels the anomalies, feels that something is fundamentally wrong with how our economic system is conceived.  As we watch the hope of Obama ground up by Washington's establishment power brokers, each of us can join the Occupiers for our own reasons.

But underlying it all, it seems to me, is the need to occupy one's own brain.  To be alert to the ways our brains are manipulated - by the media, by advertising, by churches, by schools, by music, by everyone.  We need the ability to filter the bull shit out of the constant bombardment of invading messages.

We need times of peace and quiet, with no external brain assaults other than the warmth of the sun, the smell of fresh flowers and grasses and trees, the sound of running water and rustling leaves.  No words.  Time to sort through all the crap we've accumulated, to consider where it came from, to reassess its validity, and to toss out the garbage.  Then we can see the ideas that matter, that are grounded in reason and feeling and some sort of rational correspondence to the world outside our heads. 

So Occupy Your Brains.  Once others have control over your brain, they have complete power over you.  It took years for them to infiltrate.  Cleaning them out won't happen overnight.  But begin now and do a little bit each day.

And as I offer this video - which I saw at Immoral Minority - I remind you to question the video as well.  Don't simply accept it (or reject it) because it fits what you (don't) want to believe.  Or because you like the music.  Look it over, test it, put it in the quarantine section of your brain to make sure there isn't some hidden infection.  And remember to beware of those who would hijack this and other good ideas and pervert them for their own benefit.

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  1. We all have a powerful confirmation bias. It is wise to try to rein it in.


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