Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Whittier to Cordova

A riverfall, not just a waterfall, was coming down the mountainside as we waited to get on the ferry in Whittier.

It holds 35 vehicles and two hundred and some people and gets from Whittier to Cordova and three and a half hours.  Too fast to see much.  And J didn't get seasick!

We sat 'out' in the solarium for a while.  It was protected from the wind, but after a while I was getting chilly and the noise was LOUD.

It was hard to read my book - The Lacuna - with all the scenery around us.  But I like the book.  And see?  There was some blue sky.

Looking overboard.

This is a very comfortable way to travel.  No pat downs or scanners either.

Almost in Cordova, which is on left (out of the picture.)

We're hoping to enjoy some Alaska time.  And visit friends.  


  1. I miss Cordova. We hoped to go there this summer until we looked at the fare.

  2. Phil, it wasn't clear on the site, but if you go round trip the driver is free and there's a senior discount too. Or maybe you weren't planning to take a car.


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