Sunday, July 03, 2011

Girdwood Forest Fair

We didn't get to the fair until nearly 9 pm.  But, it's early July in Alaska, so no problem.  It's going to be light, late.

It's been years since I've been at the Girdwood Forest Fair.  It's like walking back into the late 60s.

While some of the arts and crafts looked familiar, the food booth's offered a much wider international selection. I couldn't resist the vegie empanadas with a wonderful tabbouleh-like tomato concoction.

I didn't see any bell-bottoms (good), but I did see a pair of barefoot shoes (they're pretty bizarre looking, but I love the idea.) 

Kindergarten has cloned into a legitimate English word from German, including the 't'.

But apparently Bier Garten has only made it half-way into English. 

[UPDATE 9PM:  I forgot to add this map.  I think it's the 2010 fair map, but the 2011 map didn't open in either Firefox or Safari.  It looks like the layout was basically the same, but since it doesn't say where north is or have the main road, I'm not completely sure. I just liked the way the map was done.
Click for Clearer and Bigger Version

I also forgot to mention the bear. As we rode our bikes up into Girdwood, somewhere past the Candle Factory, I noticed part of the wall of bushes lining the pat, just ahead of us, was bouncing around wildly. As we passed the spot, I looked in and saw a mass of black fur, that vanished as we rode by. I wasn't more than four feet away. Y, who was riding between me and bushes, was closer. He didn't even know about it until I told him and the bear was gone. If I hadn't noticed the bushes moving and looked in, I wouldn't have seen it either. Lots of people were riding and walking up and down the path.]

The music still has wild guitar rock, but there was also a massage chair booth. 

Superfrequency was listed as the 6:45pm (and last) performers on the Marlowe Stage, but I'm afraid I forgot to check to be sure who this was.  If someone knows, please leave a comment or email me. email me. In any case, they were good. 

We biked back to the car and were on the road home enjoying the long summer evening. We didn't get any rain until almost Potter Marsh. A lesson learned long ago - don't let the Anchorage weather affect what you're going to do. Even if it's grey in Anchorage, it could be sunny a little ways down the road. It was pushing 11pm when I got this shot.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Enjoyed the virtual trip. :-)


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