Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Minute Salmon BBQ With Friends

At the last minute we ended up with friends enjoying the lovely evening eating salmon on their deck.  Pretty simple.  Just good talk, good food, good friends. 

As we were eating dessert a young woman, barefoot, in wet shorts and T-shirt asked the direction of the Peanut Farm.  She'd been kayaking Campbell Creek and overturned and told the others she'd meet them at the Peanut Farm where the car was.  As the temperature was cooling (it was about 10pm by then) our host drove her to her destination.

With sweepers here and there, the creek is not as benign as it looks. 

Mini adventures.

Then we biked home.


  1. Last minute has the best turnout. Luckily with summer Alaskan days, last minute can hit close to midnight and still have very awake and hungry people ready for fresh salmon.

  2. Before this food, here we would said "ñam ñam"...


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