Saturday, November 06, 2010

Walking Conditions - Dicey to Good

When you live in Anchorage you live in at least two different worlds:  the green one and the white one.  But also the light one and the dark one.  Right now we are shifting from green to white and light to dark.  It's a time when my running schedule gets shredded as the streets and paths go from smooth to crusty to snow covered, the temperatures drop, and it's dark more.  I have to slowly get into a new rhythm.

We've just had snow and rain mixed this week with temperatures above freezing in the day and below at night.  So the ground - especially where cars go - is pretty challenging.  You walk differently when the ground has ice and snow - more carefully, lest you hit an icy spot and need to catch your balance.  It's not a conscious thing, your body just adjusts. 

The bikes are still out.  I walked today so I could see what the conditions were like.

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  1. Yes, one's body adjusts to white and dark. Still the snow does one great thing: moonlight bounces a bit of the dark away. In London, with its rare snows, I still find my years of negotiating snow helpful; I instinctively respond with an Alaskan's on-board ABS and avoid falls.

    It just kicks in, doesn't it? And that's not even going on about telling air temps by the sound and texture of snow (Fahrenheit scale).

    But then I just took a walk in our local park enjoying autumnal landscape in November. Nice. Quite nice.


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