Sunday, November 28, 2010

Clutter Wars - Low Tide

The clutter wars continue.  J announced last week that she wants to paint one of the downstairs rooms and needs to get things out of there.  The room that is my project was totally strewn with boxes and stuff.  There was no room there to put the painting refugees from the other room.  So I vowed to get the floor cleared enough that it could become a storage room for the room being painted.

The picture shows the morning high tide and the afternoon low tide.

This room has been full and bare several times over the last few years.  I'd like to think that we get rid of stuff in the process.  And that like things get closer to being in the same boxes so they can be more easily sorted later.

In any case, I did get the floor clear by my arbitrary Friday deadline.  There does seem to be more room in the closet, and I remember filling the recycle bin with stuff.  Now I have to take pictures off the walls and books off the shelves and other odds and ends that are out in the open and move them into my now cleared floor.

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