Tuesday, November 09, 2010

UAA Career Fair, Peace Corps, Army, Cloud Rip, Snow Biking, Hunger, Cosmetics, and More

I didn't have my camera yesterday, so I'm making up for it today with some shots of things I saw today walking over to the career fair at UAA to sit at the Peace Corps booth for a while.

A cloud caught on a 
cosmic nail.  Through the rip, blue 
checks in on the earth.

 I wrote in an earlier post that we don't use chains in Anchorage.  As I wrote it I was thinking, well sometimes I've seen postal vehicles with chains, and here is another exception. Maybe that's why I focused on cars in the other post.

And cyclists use chains.  But they use them in the summer too. 

I found a couple of interesting, but totally unrelated websites when I first googled "Eat Like the World" but nothing about this UAA event.  Here's what I'm guessing this is about from the University of Central Missouri:

A hunger banquet is a tool to demonstrate the distribution of food among the people of the world. We in the US - even the hungry in the US - have it much better than many people in the world. Guests draw tickets at random that assign them each to either a high-, middle-, or low-income tier and receive a corresponding meal.
  • The high-income tier are served a sumptuous meal.
  • The middle-income section eat a simple meal of rice and beans.
  • The low-income tier help themselves to small portions of rice and water.
Why are we presenting a hunger banquet? It is a tool to build awareness to hunger issues that occur around the globe and around the block. Many of us have an extra can of food that we could share with someone. Many of us have an extra afternoon that we could spend helping the needy in our own community. Many of us have an extra few dollars that could make the diffence for someone who didn't eat last night. Many of us can help, and most of us are willing to do something. But we need to know how to help and what we can do. We are presenting the Hunger Banquet to raise money and collect food for the needy in our community, nation and world. We are presenting the banquet to help you help your neighbor.
If you want to know more and/or make reservations you can email uaaisa[AT]gmail.com. 

Finally, I got to the career fair.  There were lots of employers, not all that many students. 

The Peace Corps table (Joe there in the green Gambian shirt) was right across from the Army table.  They had a video showing people going through training the whole time.  We had nothing (stuff was sent up from the Seattle Peace Corps office) that had a big Peace Corps on it.  We had lots of brochures.  So I went home and got some big photos, and old photo album, a Thai fish trap, and some other odds and ends.  I did meet some interesting folks. 

*While I was looking for a link online relating to the "Eat Like the World" poster, I found this from "The Shepherdess' Mantle" a story from August 1960 copy of The Ministry  about Merrilee who is talking to her Aunt Anne about her upcoming marriage to a Minister.  I thought it was an interesting historical perspective. 
". . . And what about cosmetics, Auntie? Everybody wears them nowadays. You look really out of place without some kind of make-up."
"Yes, I suppose so." Aunt Anne sighed. "It is too bad that God's people cannot bear to be peculiar people any more. Oh, I don't mean that they should be conspicuous," Aunt Anne hastened to add. "But most of our young people today think they have to dress like the world, eat like the world, and most of them want to act like the world. They have completely forgotten that we are to be in the world but not of the world.
"Adventists should be the best-groomed people in the world. Their skin should be the fairest and the freest from blemishes, for we are supposed to eat right and keep scrupulously clean. Their nails should be clean and well filed. Their figures should be finely proportioned through exercise and diet. Their hair should be neat, well-groomed, and attractively arranged, whether long or short. Who says we are not allowed to use creams to keep the skin soft and lovely? Or lotions and powders? Cosmetics are not necessarily wrong. But when girls think they must wear artificial color on their hair, lips, cheeks, and fingernails, that is extreme, unbecoming to a Christian, and unnatural."


  1. I am a constant lurker. You write really well. Thank you for representing Anchorage so well.

  2. Constant Lurker, thanks for the kind words and for leaving tracks.


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