Friday, November 19, 2010

Murkowski Moves the End of Don't Ask Don't Tell Closer

From KTVA's interview with Lisa Murkowski on Thursday, November 18:

On the Don't Ask, Don't Tell vote
[Murkowski] I have said that I would work to make sure that as long as it is supported by the troops, as long as it doesn't hurt the performance or the morale, or the recruitment -- these are all things we have to take into consideration -- I think we will see that play out in this report.
If in fact don't ask don't tell is included in the Defense Authorization Act and we get to the point where we can move that bill through - I would not oppose the defense authorization act because the Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal of it is included in it.

Rachel Maddow discussed the implication of this announcement along with word of other Republican senators who are said to be willing to vote to end DADT. This is a long (ten minute) video that starts with the Murkowski story and then looks at the DADT vote overall in context of the Defense Authorization Act.  There are still a number of issues surrounding the Defense Authorization Act and how it is handled that could hold things up.  But there seem to be enough Republican senators willing to go against their party on this so that not just one can be attacked. 

If, in fact, Murkowski's conditions are met and she votes to end Don't Ask Don't Tell, this would be one clear example of the difference between a vote for Murkowski and a vote for Miller.

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