Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Slice of Wednesday in Anchorage

This isn't even everything I ended up doing, but it's a few snapshots of some things that were happening in Anchorage yesterday.

An Alaska Common Ground committee was planning for their September 18 public forum on Corrections at the Bagel Factory. 

Someone lost their cockatiel. 

New Student orientation tours were happening at UAA.

Senator Ted Stevens was memorialized at the Anchorage Baptist Temple. 

Some bicyclist were enjoying the sun at Goose Lake.

As was a grebe.

Even this amanita found a little sun.

The UAA Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program had a reception for new students.

A family rode their bikes for pizza at the mall on East Tudor.

And this bull moose strolled along the perimeter of McLaughlin Youth facility.  (I know, I already put him in, but this is a different picture.)

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  1. And heck, we know from Mr. Prevo's sponsorship comments at THE FUNERAL that former Sen. Stevens is in Baptist heaven, to boot!



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