Thursday, August 26, 2010

Scott McAdams Alaska US Senate Candidate - Video

I first met Scott last February in the Capitol hallway in Juneau.  After he told me what he did I realized he would be good on tape and posted a short video of him then.  With the Tea Party putting Joe Miller ahead of Sen. Murkowski, Alaskans as well as Outsiders are now asking, "Who is Scott McAdams."

There was a hint of what he had inside in the February video.  Tonight, at the Democratic Unity Dinner at Kincaid Park, on a spectacularly beautiful evening, Scott ignited those present as people realized that this guy is real, is articulate, has a brain, and could be our next US Senator.

The video shows most of his eleven minute talk.  I cut out some of the applause, but otherwise left it pretty raw.  I'll bet he grows tremendously as he travels the state in this election.


  1. Thank you for posting the McAdams video. It helps aleviate the Miller/Palin induced indigestion.
    All this teaparty driven nastiness takes me back to the last decade of the pulp mills in Southeast Alaska. Speak with concerns for the environment at a public hearing? Gets ya death threats and broken car windows. We were moving on from the nastiness. It's baaaaaack. . .

  2. Hey Steve. I left Salfon in Valdez Public Library and in Anadyr Adventures in the stand of books... Now I stay in Homer. Next saturday evening in Anchorage. Sunday is may last alaskan day...

  3. How come you can get so close to politicians? Here they are more distant.

  4. Anon, I was just glad to be able to get it on video.

    Tomás, Maybe we can meet when you're in Anchorage.

    Ropi, This is Alaska. Think about a small, remote Hungarian district. The politicians are all available, especially when they are running for office.


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