Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Best Dog Blogs Awards

I got an email forwarded from a friend.  His friend's wife's blog (still with me?) was nominated for the  Best Dog Blog.  I guess I got it because I'm a blogger.  They were asking for people to go to the site and vote for the blog.

I have mixed feelings about 'best' anything.  On the one hand it gets attention to different fields - Olympics, Nobel Prizes, World Cup, Academy Awards, Spelling Bees, Miss Universe - but it also artificially creates this idea of 'best' which is pretty hard to judge in most cases, is temporary, and creates more 'losers' than winners.  It encourages some people to work much harder, some to work maniacally, and yet other to cheat and take shortcuts.  I don't think the dog bloggers are in the competitive class of Olympians and they do get  more people to their blogs and a pat on the back. 

Probably the main purpose of these things is to drum up publicity.  The website that is giving out the awards says on the bottom of the page:
Encourage your readers, friends, family to vote for your favorites! The blogs with the most votes will win! Voting will close on August 20, 2010.
Which translates into lots more hits on the site where people vote.  More hits means more ad revenue.  OK, I know I'm a cynic.  This is starting to sound like American Idol. 

I've briefly looked at the Best Pet and Best Dog nominees.  I surely don't have enough knowledge to vote seriously.  (Of course, you can legitimately ask, after all I said, how can I think that there is such a thing as a serious vote?)

I do think the blogs do offer pet owners some useful information on a wide variety of topics from pet health, training, dealing with issues like "taking your dog to college with you."  So, if you are interested, you can check them out and vote.  I won't tell you which one to vote for though.  The email I got said that you have to leave your email to prevent people from voting more than once, but be careful to uncheck the box that says to sign up for the newsletter if you don't want lots of email from them. 

Here's the link to voting page on Dogtime.com.


  1. Well, I don't know how you make difference between dog blogs, while at football you win if you score more. It is not ambiguous, but dog blogs cannot be ranked by any Mathematical expressions.

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  3. Blogspot put the Blair's comment in the Spam bin. Probably a good call, but it is relevant to dog owners. I didn't look to see what all he's selling, and I'm not sure the risk is worth buying another product, but I'll let readers decide for themselves.


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