Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"typically you receive $4 for every story"

I got this email today. Obviously not from a native English speaker. Fits in the category of too good to be true (at least the $4 per story just to post it). What's the angle? Are they going to need my bank account number to pay me? Legitimate advertising? Anyone have any ideas?

Hi,my name is Tracey
I took a look at the site , and Its good what you have so far.
We would like to hire you to update your blog , with simple little articles,
we write the articles, you just have to post it. Its simple really.

We have added your blog site here in order to get started.

typically you recieve $4 for every story ( 2 paragrapgh) you post on
your site for us.
you an't only limited to that. You can receive up to $10 for posting a story more than 1 story is post daily,so thats good.
they are on average sometimes 10 posted daily.

Talk on stories of interests
  • travel
  • entertainment
  • news
  • music
  • biz
  • sports

How to post our story.

- log in to blogger
paste the story we give you,
hit publish
email me the url of the published story
thats it
estimates time
You are paid daily for each published story

1 mminute.

Let me know if your interested . You begin today , your paid today.
Thanks Tracey

I just googled the domain name from the email. It goes to a website with lots of hearts and flowers and romantic - but not pornographic - links. Not going to send people there for free though. :)

[9:33pm - Just saw the awful font this was in and cleaned it up so you can read it]

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  1. What a deal, Steve! Maybe you and I could team up and use the USA vs Vic Kohring blog, which is just sitting there. We could split the money three ways with Vic. Then he'd be able to afford cheeseburgers in jail.


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