Thursday, January 10, 2008

Revelation Now - in Wendy Williamson Auditorium

We got this in the mail. Let's see, how can I put this? I have difficulty understanding the appeal of flying lions, tigers, black panthers, and dragon like creatures as part of a serious religious message. So I'm trying to figure out why I look at this differently than I did some of the Hindu gods such as Ganesh, the elephant god. I don't know. Maybe because the Hindu gods stem from a 2000 + year history. They are part of tradition. Anyway, Bible Lecturer, Jac Colón is going to
present a penetrating look at the real meaning of rapidly changing current events. You will understand the fall of communism, the erosion of freedom, the rise in power of religious movements, and more.
It begins Friday, January 11,, 7:15 p.m., Nightly (Except Wednesdays and Thursdays). Friday begins with:

  • 666, the Antichrist and the Mark of the Beast Who is the Antichrist? Understand the true meaning of that mystical number 666. God's most dreadful warning is to avoid the Mark of the Beast What is his mark? How can you avoid it?
Basically, I have no problem with anyone renting a room at the University for their events. The rates for the Wendy Williamson according to the UAA Website are:

Williamson Auditorium Rental Rates

UAA Department & Non-Profit Organizations

Performance Rental Rate: $600.00/performance

Rehearsal Days: $300.00/day

Dark Days: $100.00/day

Technician $25.00/hour

Weekend Custodial: $150.00

For-Profit Organizations

Performance Rental Rate: $800.00/performance

Rehearsal Days: $400.00/day

Dark Days: $100.00/day

Technician: $25.00/hour

Weekend Custodial: $150.00

I assume these are all at the non-profit per performance rate of $600. Plus $25/hour for a mandatory technician to be present. The Williamson holds 910 people. Admission is free. The return address is Northwest Evangelism Institute, PO Box 871150, Vancouver, WA 98687. There's also a website:

But I hope that no one reading the brochure and seeing that this is held at the University thinks that this is a University sponsored or approved event. I'm sure for some people reading the brochure, though, seeing that it is being held at the University will give it more credibility. I suspect the university should adopt a rule that advertising for events where space is merely rented should say something like, "This is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by the University of Alaska Anchorage."


  1. Is it Seventh Day Adventist? It looks pretty SDA to me.

  2. If anyone bothered to read history and look at what was happening at the time when these prophesies were being written, people would realize that many of these symbols were used to represent actual people and places of the time and not predict a doomsday scenario for the future... then again, people got burned for saying that I'm saying!

  3. Ah, another reason I left the United States. Here in the UK, God is something that is largely reserved for life's big events. So reasonable, after all...

  4. AS a student at UAA, it deeply concerns me that this lecture of Extremist is being allowed to use campus property to convey their radical ideas. My tuition $$ helped BUILD and maintain the auditorium that they are using. Why count they rent out a church or more public funded hall? I was so concerned in fact, that I called to find out just what administrators where thinking? They told me that the group had dished out $5,000.00 to rent to the hall for 6 nights, and that they did NO research into the group before letting them rent. I can guarantee, If it was an extremest Muslim group wanting to rent the hall, there would have been more inquiry. This is not a typical religious lecture; this is a lecture to scare and cause panic , and to also convert young minds, (what better place to do this that at a college campus!). I have also looked up this organization (funded by Northwest Evangelism Institute). They have done many similar lectures in other states, but generally rented churches or more publicly rent halls, not on University campuses. Where is the separation between church and state/federally funded schools? This group has no business being on college grounds.

  5. I can't believe this organization was even allowed into Anchorage. What crap..........

    I even thought about going to just find out how bad it was, but chickened out because I was afraid I would lose my cool and get into a confrontation with somebody.

  6. While we might not agree on everything that is said at a seminar like this I think it is only fair to understand how this isn't a violation of church-state separation.

    Here's some information found at

    "Religious Use of School Facilities
    Questions regarding the use of the EHS Science Lecture Hall for a program sponsored by the Northwest Evangelism Institute titled "Christ Reveals Beyond 2000" have come to many board members and to the SAU office. The brochure in question that was received by many people came through the mail. In no way would we allow literature such as this to be distributed or posted in our schools. This organization fits the criteria of our building use policy and we are very conscious of being accused of discrimination if we did not allow them to use the high school. We presently allow St. Michael's Church to use the school for CCD classes and additionally Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, etc., use our buildings along with AAU sports activities. Following is an excerpt from The American Center for Law and Justice dated August 10, 2000 titled Special Bulletin: Religious Speech in Public Schools and was addressed to school superintendent or school administrator:

    Can Religious Organizations Use School Facilities After Hours?

    Yes. In fact, the Santa Fe opinion cites with approval the Supreme Court decision in "Lamb's Chapel", where the Court rules that once a school district opens up its facilities to community groups, it must allow religious groups access on an equal basis. In "Lamb's Chapel", the Court held that the school district violated the First Amendment by excluding a church from renting school facilities after hours to show a film series on parenting. The Court ruled that because the school had "repeatedly been used by a wide variety of private organizations," the denial of the church use was unconstitutional. 508 U.S. at 395. The Court stated that "(t)he principle that has emerged from our cases is that the First Amendment forbids the government to regulate speech in ways that favor some viewpoints or ideas at the expense of others." id. at 394 (internal citation omitted).

    If you have any questions, please contact the Superintendent's Office."

  7. Hi, I am a christian first, 12 steper second and a Seventhday Adventist third, I am a Seventhday adventist because I could not find another church that believed the bible was the only authority for my Faith. Yes, there are some fanatics that have used the Ellen White for control and power, but she was only trying to get people to depend in the scriptura solo like Martin Luther. She stated God had never told her she was a prophet, but had given her a message. I am sorry for those who have not understood the gospel deriving out of the 1950's.
    I believe with the attack of new age, the emerging church and tolerance for all ways lead to God we have bigger issues to deal with. SDA's truly do believe that the Bible and the Bible alone is of authority, we are saved by Grace alone in Jesus Christ and some of us have to overcome some of the fanatical reputations that othes have given to us.
    I apologize for those who are not born again and are hurtful. I just attended a Baptist prophecy seminar and a prophecy seminar and both were stating the very exact prophecy information that we do. God will use others if he can't use some due to their misrepresentation of God. I have appreciated your insights and will make sure that if we put out any end time seminars we will put our name on them, but a question to ask is have you looked at things through the Bible? I look at all faiths and all new information that comes out so I can be informed. I do not judge until I look for myself. If somebody is taking a non-born again view and is out of line with the Bible then by all means somebody needs to get in their face. You may be the one that needs to do it.
    Thanks for listening.


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