Friday, June 16, 2017

It's Summer, A Beautiful Day, So Biked The Bird To Gird Trail And Left My Computer Behind

When they rerouted the Seward Highway many years ago from the perilous two-lane, no shoulder road that went well above the water below to a four lane road at the water's edge, the old road was revisioned into a bike trail.  And it's a wonderful six mile ride from Bird Point to the Girdwood turnoff.

The first two or so miles from Bird Point go up with great views of Turnagain Arm.  Though a number of the view points - including telescope-viewers - have cottonwood and other trees blocking the views now.  But not at this point.

Here's the rock wall on the other side of the trail.  There are lots of waterfalls along the way and I counted 18 piles of bear scat on the trail.  Later at the National Forest visitor center near the end of the trail, the lady said that yesterday one of the workers encountered a black bear.  Someone coming the other way had to zap it with bear spray before it left the trail.

Here's the trail on the way down near the Girdwood end.

And back down to road level, there's duck playground.  She wasn't happy that I stopped and hustled her brood off while I got the camera out of the backpack.    It should be a little sharper if you click on it.

Here's a July view from 2011 when the flowers were all blooming and a September view from last year.  Same trail different moods.

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