Sunday, June 29, 2014

Driving Up The Violated Cassiar

Just a quickie from Dease Lake.

We stopped at Kinaskan Lake along the Cassiar Highway yesterday.  The weather was comfortably warm with more blue than clouds.

The sun went down about 10pm.  Here are some pictures of the lake from our campsite.

Late Afternoon

About Sunset

This Morning

It started raining before we got up this morning and this last picture is from the same spot as the previous two.

We first went up the Cassiar in 2000.  It was spectacularly beautiful.  Much of the road was dirt and our car got very muddy.  

Last fall when we drove down, we were startled by huge powerlines going up in the southern part of the road.

This time sickened is more appropriate than startled.  For 400 kilometers they've bulldozed huge areas along the road to put up powerlines.  I need to do more research - I did talk to two locals - but it really looks like this is about mining needs, not local needs.  Very few people live along this highway.  And the ugly, disgusting way they've trashed the landscape is appalling.  I hope to find out more about what this is all about.  This was once an incredibly beautiful landscape.  

This is one picture of the destruction along the once pristine Cassiar Highway.  It's like this for almost 200 miles.

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  1. The Canadian western provinces are a bit brutal about disregard for the natural beauty they possess, I've found. It's the sad contradiction in the Canadian soul, that in this way, they are working so hard to catch up with the USA in developing 'economic opportunities' and damn the consequences.

    It's for this reason I still think it would work just dandy for Alaska to cede to Canada. Most Alaskans are ready to plunder just as readily as western Canadians, really, and Alaskans would gain universal health care, better first peoples' regard, and a better international relationship to the world, right off the bat.

    Pretty good deal. So think of what you've seen as a foretaste of the Provence of Alaska!


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