Thursday, April 11, 2013

Everything Is OK

Now here's a video that people on the left and on the right, you would think, would all approve of.  Like Tea Party folks, he raises questions about government authority and interference into people's lives.  Like people on the left, he questions our cultural imperative to consume things we don't need.

Yet, I think that there is something about what he's doing that makes everyone a little uncomfortable.  People who speak truth in public, people who make us think about what we are doing and why, always make us uncomfortable.

He makes us, for a moment at least, confront the gap between what we believe and what we do.


  1. Archives go back to 2006

    People speaking of such like Danny is speaking does not make me uncomfortable.

    People speaking the inverse, ...that makes me uncomfortable.

  2. Ah, London. What people may not know outside our wonderful city of Londinium is that large sections of London are owned through centuries-old, crown-granted, deeds through which inheritance or corporate establishment delegate authority to make various law in these areas. Quite amazing, really.

    Britainnia is really based on an ancient monarchy constrained by republican statecraft occasioned by periodic regrets about how to engage democratic sentiment. Yes, it's a bit confusing.

    In this case, our street speaker plays with some unseen and powerful interests in this cat-and-mouse. My advice is to keep your batteries charged.


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