Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Where Can I Ride A Trained Polar Bear? More (Mostly) Google Searches

A few of the more interesting search terms people used to get here since December.  Some are here because I'm just pleased to be able to provide information to people seeking very specific information like the first three. 

the establishment of fire breaks northern thailand - This is a pretty specific request and I just happened to have attended a ceremonial opening of a fire break in Northern Thailand when I was a volunteer with the Northern Peasants' Association which helped to organize the work. The Australian search got to this post Fire Break Construction Ceremony Chiang Dao
Photo from fogonazos

where can i ride a trained polar bear - This Florida googler got to this picture of
swimming with polar bears in a post called Polar Bear Rehap and Training.

canterbury cathedral diagram - I admit to a perverse pleasure when someone from Canterbury comes to this Alaskan blog to find a diagram of the Caterbury Cathedral.  I also recently had someone from the Congressional Information Office come to my post on the number of Black members of the 113th Congress. 

he relationship of sugar to population-level diabetes prevalence: an econometric analysis of repeated cross-sectional data -This one got to  “This study is proof enough that sugar is toxic. Now it’s time to do something about it.”  That makes sense.  A good hit.  But what makes it noteworthy here is the IP Address included "Nat Soft Drink Association."  Why do I think they are looking at this to find ways to deny it rather than to improve their products?

 do mormon missionaries fall in love on their mission -A good starting point for a short story this searcher from Sweden using a Swedish language computer.  Is she hoping they do?  And he will with her?  She got to a post about the movie The Falls about two Mormon missionaries who fall in love with each other. 

san francisco giants,native american bead work  -  Maybe they were looking for the Giant's logo in bead work.  I don't know.  I have several posts with Native American bead work and a post from the Giants stadium before the second game of last year's world series.  But this searcher got to a post on Detroit.  There is a photo about Native American beadwork at the Detroit Institute of Art.  And the word 'giant' is in the description of the Tigers' ballpark.  And San Francisco is listed among the many labels in the right column.

loneliness and enemy next to a stove - A great line to start a story.  I don't think they got what they wanted from here, just a page with December 2012 posts that had enemy, lonely, and stove scattered among different posts.  

how to make an outline using cottoncandy -  I'm sure this made sense to the searcher.  Not sure they got what they wanted.  They got to Romney's cotton candy acceptance speech"

what time does the world end in sc - This South Carolina search came just before the predicted Mayan end of the world date.  They got to an appropriate post called So, Will The World End Time Zone By Time Zone?

does it snow on mountains Alaska tour guides like to collect the most ridiculous questions they get from tourists.  One of my favorites comes from tourists either on a boat on the ocean or standing next to the ocean or body of water connected to the ocean, "What altitude are we?"   I'm going to give this Alabama googler the benefit of the doubt and assume it's someone under the age of ten.  He or she got to A Beautiful Fall Day:  Fresh Snow on the Mountains that included a picture of snow on the mountains.

does the first amendment take precedence over the second It would be nice to think that freedom of speech and religion take precedence over the right to own guns, but the amendments to the constitution are numbered chronologically, not necessarily in order of importance.  The searcher got to a post entitled "What Takes Precedence for Americans:  The First Amendment or the first Commandment?" 

you can't tell the players without a program meaning - Got a post You Can't Tell The Players Without a Program - Baseball Cards For Politicians.  I didn't define the expression and I'm not sure the reader would know more after reading the post. 

does higher cc mean faster trucks - This went to a current post Which Is More Important? Right To Life? Right to Bear Arms?  This make no sense to me whatsoever.  I tried to duplicate it by searching the phrase on google but just got truck sites.

--------  -  There's no search word, but the ISP is Naval Ocean Systems Center and the city is listed as USAF Academy in Colorado.  They've been looking at the post Airshows And The Cost Of Military Fuel.  Will sequestration mean the end of military air shows?

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