Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Wag It, Then Go Kaleidoscopic

Caught this sticker on the back of a car at the Little Su hike parking lot.  I want one of these.  It says it all. 

Not only that, but this post offers you another treat.  Trust me - go to this link and let your inner child play a little.  (Or let your outer child play if you have one around.) 


  1. I love that bumper sticker, too. There is a parent, at my son's school, who has "Wag More" on their license plate.
    Thanks for sharing that link, it is pretty neat, or as John Denver used to say: Far Out. Here is a link to another webpage that I think is fun, too. Need to hold your mouse key down and you can make it go in or pull back out:

  2. Here is a link to one more:


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