Sunday, March 03, 2013

Mt. Si Hike on Sunny Seattle Day

A friend of my daughter visited yesterday.  He's here from Boston for work, but had today off and wanted to go for a hike.  So I took the ferry into Seattle this morning and to join him.  He picked me up at the ferry and together we went to Little Si

From Hikingwithmybrother:
        Little Si crouches in the shadow of Mount Si’s western slopes, both edifices named in honor of Josiah "Uncle Si" Merritt, who set up a cabin at the base of Si in 1862.
His comment at the end of his post seemed fitting:
Little Si is close, easily accessible, and just hard enough to feel like a hike, yet still gentle enough for the whole family.

It was one of the rare sunny days here.  And temps got into the mid 50's. Although yesterday morning when I got up and checked, it was 55˚F, today it was 35˚F and there was frost.  We even had some snow on the sides of the road going over a pass, but at the trail there was no snow.

View from end of Little Si trail

 However, there was snow on, what I'm guessing from the trail descriptions, was Big Si.

The view reminded me of the view we had of Mt. Roberts from our apartment when we were in Juneau.

There's a  massive rock behind the trees.  I think that might be Mt. Si and the view point was from the top. 

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  1. Love that hike - and the Big Si one, too. Judy and Julia did the same hike you went on with your daughter's friend, two summers ago.


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