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Third Board Interviewee - Brian Hove, Banker and Legislative Aide

Brian Hove Image from Morris Thompson
The third candidate for the Redistricting Board's Executive Director position was Brian Hove.  He's worked for National Bank of Alaska and Senator Ralph Seekins.  (I'm going by what I heard on the teleconference and don't have access to his resume.)  Compared to the first two candidates, he was unprepared for the interview.  He spoke softly and his responses didn't show much knowledge of the Board or the issues he was asked about, though he seems to be the only one of the three candidates who has attended a board meeting. 

Here are my rough notes.  WARNING:  they are rough notes, typed as fast as I could listening in online with some people not speaking too loudly or near a mic. 

Brian Hove Interview

[It sounds like the members are on break, Torgerson is giving the applicant the intro that was in the last two interviews.]
Torgerson: Could you go over things so people online will know.  Management experience.

Hove:  As you mentioned, resume does indicate my background is financial.  started with National Bank of alaska.  That’s where I met Peggyann.  Then to Delta Junction and was branch manager.  From there, three of us.  When NBA merged with Wells Fargo, we agreed we preferred to work with small bank.  Very happy Fairbanks.  Bankers often asked to volunteer as treasurers.

This opened opportunity when I worked for Ralph’s campaign.  Opened door in different venue.  Worked for Ralph in Juneau.  In first weeks questioned my decision.  Sharp learning curve.  2006 voters had different ideas.  I went back to work for ????  [Hard to hear]  Supervisory specifically work in Delta Junction.  Two of us, Sharon Clark.  I had a lot of experience outside.  Didn’t have a difficult structure in that office.

Torgerson:  Next question - walk us through your knowledge of geographic diversity of state and the people/

Hove:  Been a resident for 30 years.  As a young guy, you start to pick up  . . . for me Fairbanks  Sept. 1980 UAF, different people.  World out there.  Working for NBA opened that quite a bit.  If I hadn’t worked for NBA wouldn’t have spent as much time in SE.  Same is true . . . fortunately called upon.  Barrow ????, month in both places.  Kodiak.  Even a month.  Took advantage of it.

And then of course working in the legislature you get to immerse yourself in issues around the state.  What’s important.

Torgerson:  Next question:  knowledge of travel policy, open meetings policy and administrtive procedures act.

Hove:  Travel policy.  I know the state has one.  Practical matter.  Our office in legislature, Sharon handled all the travel.  I keep track of receipts.  Some limitations what can be expensed.  Open meetings.  Part of  .. .   Course judiciary committee chari, that was an important function for us.  Required to post the committee’s activities well in advance.  Time, date, place, agenda situation.  More?

Torgerson:  No, I don’t think so.  Experience as staff member to state or federal board.  Didn’t see it on resume.  Have you ever been?

Hove:  No I have not.

Torgerson:  Computer skills, mapping software?  Technical skills you bring, excel?

Hove:  ONe thing important to me going to school.  Use of word processor was invaluable for me.  Business school with Lotus 123 which was invaluable.  Transition into Microsoft Word.  I use other products as well.  One application is photoshop.  Now photoshop is pretty robust.  Board’s mapping software I imagine is also robust.  I don’t have direct experience using it.

Torgerson:  Do you consider yourself a fast learner?  Capable of being taught?  We all learned it so I don’t expect . . rather user friendly.  Example of how you might build consensus with members of the board and staff.

Hove:  One of the things, you know, I know everyone around table understands this.  One think I learned in Juneau was how to work with people.  You have to.  I think that’s one of the things our office was able to do.  evidence by success.  One way to measure success is number of bills you can get through the system.

Torgerson:  How about drafting press releases?  I assume you have.

Hove:  We had occasion to draft press releases.  The media is not something.  My father was a broadcaster [hard to hear]  my wife  . . .  comes with specific items. . .press releases.

Torgerson:  I’m going to open it up to the Board. But if you are chosen, how soon can you start?

Hove:  I could start right away.

Torgerson: Great

Greene:  [Can’t hear. Something about Kodiak and Juneau]

Hove:  Requires you to have an understanding of . . . beyond Barrow and Kodiak I’ve been all over the state - Adak . . . 

Torgerson:  REsume, in Delta, you talk about developing business in Eagle and Tok.  Your own business?

Hove:  No, bank business.  Federal requirement bank managers to describe the outreach efforts.  At Delta, large geo area responsible for, so I been to Eagle several times.  Up and down . . .

Torgerson:  Other questions?

Holm:  Thank you for coming.  Used to seeing you somewhat frequently, but not as much as we used to.  What do you see as your end product.  Most of the folks
Hove:  Well ED obviously is improtant.  As I mentioned in cover letter.  The few times I did attend meetings my impression . . . lot there.  Members of the board, [hard to hear]  vast responsibility.  Did I get at your question?

Holm:  That’s fine.  You understand, you’re going to be drawing plans, with certain criteria from the Constitution.  We all had to learn how to draw.  You’d realize they have to comport with strictures put on us by the legal profession.

Holm:  Do you work with the legal folks ok?

PeggyAnn McConnochie:  People asked my questions.  Mine had to do with all the people who learned how to draw, would you be willing to learn the software?

Hove:  I anticipate that would be required.

Torgerson:  Do you have any questions for us?

Hove:  I tried to keep up with what the board is doing. I don’t have specific questions.  i understand there are pressures.  I believe I can assist..?????

Torgerson:  Thank you very much for putting up with our issues and coming today.  I’ll call you today or tomorrow and let you know.  Have to call some references.  With that, I’ll disconnect on teleconference and entertain a motion to go into Executive Session.

PeggyAnn McConnochie:  move to go into Executive Session to ???  and deliberate on applicants.

WHite:  Advise and counsel only relates to litigation strategy.  Brief recess.  Off teleconference and may come back later.

1:47 pm off connection

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