Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Forget The Election, Get Some Frozen Yogurt

Chocolate and Pomegranate Frozen Yogurt

Of course, vote.  Then chill.

We've been going to the Thai Kitchen for over 20 years, since it was four tables in the back of the Express Market and Sommai cooked on a kitchen stove but kept her day job cutting fancy flowers out of fruit for first class passengers' food trays on airlines that still stopped in Anchorage between Europe and Asia.

Slowly more tables were added and the more market shelves came down.  I'm not sure we could have stayed in Anchorage if no Thai restaurants opened.  Now there must be a dozen.

Bomby (l) and Beau

Throughout the years, Sommai and Ben's sons grew up serving food and staffing the cash register.  And now, two of them, Beau and Bomby, all grown up, have opened the Yogurt Works, four or five shops east of the Thai Kitchen in the mall on Tudor near Elmore, south of Providence and UAA. 

We've had enough elections.  Go have a Thai dinner and then get some frozen yogurt for dessert. 

Blogger Disclosure:   I don't do advertising.  I don't get paid for posting things and if I ever did, I'd tell you.  But I do post stories that point out places people might like or to just document the changing landscape.   I did get three small free tastes and then we bought two cups of yogurt.

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  1. There seem to suddenly be a million of these frozen yogurt stores around that look exactly like this one, only with a different name. Peachwave, Cherryberry, etc. They all have the same row of machines on the back wall, the same bistro tables, the same funny spoons, etc. I don't think they are exactly a franchise, but they all seem to be buying their business plan from the same place.


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