Monday, October 22, 2012

LA Skeletons, Morning Glories, Gingko, Studebaker, And More

As we walked from the bus stop to my Mom's from the airport, and looked at the huge variation of vegetation, invasive species came to mind.  LA is an invasive species incubator.  I don't know if that's true, but so much grows here.  Of course if they stopped bringing in water from Northern California and the Colorado River, probably most things would just die.  (I looked and it is a big problem.  And animal species too.)

In any case, here some parts of the walk that attracted my camera eye.

Wall of morning glories

Health food store juices

I saw these leaves on this tree and I knew I'd seen them.  I mentioned to J I thought there was a bunch of these on the campus of People's University in Beijing where I taught 3 months about eight years ago.  And she said, "gingko"?  I looked it up when we got home and I'm relatively certain that's what this is.  There's a long description of gingko's at an Ohio State website which discretely says the female tree's fruit can be malodorous.  A forum at Chow is more direct:
the presence of a bunch of old (and quite beautiful to look at) female ginkos kept me from buying a house once, about fifteen years ago, just by the smell) (Boy, can you imagine a backyard full o' ginko and durian?!!!!)

The campus where I attended college back east is filled with gingko trees, especially in the quadrangle. At certain times of the year, it was like walking into a sewer. Gingko seemed like a perfect name for a tree that was so "stinko."

you must be referring to Penn. I went there for undergrad and the smell was horrible from the trees!!


I couldn't resist.  The LA Times Sunday edition endorsed Obama for president. 

From Barry Leppan on the Studebakers Drivers Forum:
According to the Hamilton Spectator, the last Studebaker to be built (a 1966 Cruiser, 283 Chevy V8) came down the assembly line on the morning of March 17th, 1966, in Hamilton, Ontario.

However, some of our local Hamilton Chapter members, who worked there at the time, will tell you it was really produced the previous afternoon, March 16th.

It is most probable that the 16th is correct, and the press release and all the TV, etc. coverage took place the next morning, the 17th!

The placard for the car in the Studebaker National Museum reads March 16th, 1966.

Regardless, it brought to an end 114 years of vehicle manufacture under the Studebaker name.
A post at Cars in Depth by Ronnie Schreiber challenges that:
According to what I’ve read, and this seems to be confirmed in a few places, there’s no question that assembly of CKD Studebakers continued after the shutdown of the Hamilton, ON plant in at least two places, Australia and Israel, as those companies used up their last remaining kits and components. There is some indication that assembly in Israel continued through the end of 1966 and possibly into 1967, which would make them the last Studebakers ever that rolled off the lines.
 He's got some Israeli post cards up as part of his evidence.   In any case, the car above is over 45 years old.  I wonder how it passes the California emissions test.

This appears to be either an unripe persimmon or one that is more yellow than orange.  Or maybe it isn't a persimmon at all.

The people in the area around my mom's place go in for Halloween in a big way.  These two life sized skeletons were hanging from a three story house.  There is something more than a little disturbing about this.   I'll do some more Halloween stuff before we get back to Anchorage.  

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  1. You mispelled "Studebaker" in your headline.

    Most of the really great ones, the bullet noses, were victims of their great radiator-protecting design; they were the car of choice for destruction derbies because the way to disable your opponent was to destroy his radiator so his engine overheated.


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