Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I recently had a contest here to see who could come closest to counting the number of dandelions I picked last week.  The underlying intent of the post was to also to poke a little fun at our recent municipal election.  People were more interested in the dandelions.  Nan Mundy guessed there were 390 dandelions in the bag.  That was the closest guess to the actual number I counted when I picked them: 417 - buds, blossoms, and spent blossoms.

Thanks to the others who participated. Nan is someone from Anchorage who has moved to Juneau.  Someone I 'know of' more than I know.  I've notified her and we're working out a dinner at Thai Kitchen when she's in Anchorage next.  No one claimed the bag of dandelions.

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  1. Beautiful! We had thousands of bright, happy dandelions along the roads of Juneau until some soulless idiot decided they weren't acceptable and sent workers to mow them down. Too bad. Now we have dirty, chopped up medians where we had living sunshine a week ago.


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