Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To Do List Already Gone Astray

I don't make to do lists much any more. Part of being retired is the ability to ride time more naturally and not keep trying to box it up into task units. But now and then a list helps get things done a little faster. So I made a list today.

I'm actually not too far off.  The real distraction has been this post.  In a comment to a recent post, Jacob wrote that if you don't keep practicing you forget Photoshop quickly.  And I got hung up on these curvy lines.  A quick google should solve that, but the instructions I picked were way more complicated than necessary and I had all sorts of trouble doing what is essentially pretty easy.  I found a video by xPsychoxStevex that made it much better, but it's still seems like it should much simpler. 

So, nothing can be checked off.

Shovel the deck - I've got the driveway cleared.  But I haven't touched the deck.  But that's my "powerglide" stuck in the snow there - a low tech exercise tool for back and shoulders and some leg work.

Download Ecamm - Ecamm is the software I found online for recording skype calls (including video) for Mac.  The Anchorage Apple User Group checked with the distributer to see if I could get a copy to review and I can.  So I have to download it, try it out, and review it.  I'm hoping it will allow me to do more skype interviews with better video quality.

Blog - Three items.  I want to do a final review of the book Fate of Nature.  Two of my distractions this morning related to the Veto post.  One was an email from the executive director of the National League of Cities confirming he was not aware of any local governments where a mayor can veto an amendment before the ordinance it's amending is approved.  That doesn't mean it doesn't exist somewhere, just that he's not aware.  He also gave me a name of a professor in Arizona to check with.  (Turns out it's a new one for him too.)  Anyway, I can count this time as working on that post.  I also got a return phone call from Fred Boness who wrote the memo the mayor used to justify the veto which raise new questions for me to pursue.  Some things take forever. 
And we saw "The Interrupters" last night at the Bear Tooth and there were some interesting points in there I want to explore.  It's about ex-gang members and prisoners who now go back into their community to interrupt violence by talking from their positions of experience to current folks to show them they have choices other than violence.

Drawers on Craigslist - we sold a chair last week via Craigslist and now I want to see if I can get rid of the drawers.  The chair was in great condition.  The drawers aren't.  One side bulges out a bit so two or three of the drawers on the right slip off the track.  I suspect someone could fix that.  I don't even want money for it.  I just hate to waste the good drawers and fixtures and was hoping someone with more incentive and skill than I, would take it and recycle it.

Wedding Card - I'm embarrassed here.  This couple got married a year ago.  We had the present, but it took a long time to wrap it.  And there were issues of where to send it since they live in Pakistan.  I have a US address of a relative now who will make sure it gets there.  But I forgot to put a card in when I packed it.  This is an easy one, but I've been doing other things.  So it's on the to do list in hopes I just do it and get it sent.  An anniversary present now.

The Downstairs Room - This is one of those never ending tasks.  As bad as it looks, it's much better than it was.  The bookshelves mean that boxes of books are now gone from the closet and the garage.  But this has been our storage room for years now.  It's the staging point before the garage for stuff on the way out of the house.  It gets cleared up and then cluttered, but it's different stuff.  Here's a post from last year of this room (picture from the other side though.)

This post is NOT on the list, but a good distraction.  Maybe posting my todo list for everyone to see, will spur me on to get through it.  The only hard items are the posts and I won't get them all done today.  Working on the room downstairs is never ending, but an hour is doable.  And if anyone can use the drawers, let me know.

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