Sunday, November 27, 2011

Spanish Unemployment Brought Home - The Wicked Power of Great Animation

Fellow blogger and friend, Spanish architect and wicked* artist, Tomás Serrano, just posted a short animated film he made that is NOT in the Anchorage International Film Festival this year (maybe next year?)  But it shows the power of animation to convey the emotional impact of Europe's economic hard times. Even though this short cartoon is in Spanish - spoken so fast only a supersonic speed reader could keep up with subtitles if there were any  - it's completely comprehensible to anyone whether they understand Spanish or not. 


*Since English is not Tomás' first language and I've used a slang version of the word 'wicked,' I guess I should explain.  The Urban Dictionary doesn't quite cover the meaning I intend.  "Wicked" here, means "something so honest about an unfortunate truth that it is both painful and delicious." 

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  1. Thanks for your words, Steve. Really it's not indispensable (=indispensable in Spanish) understand Spanish: it's the short story of an architect who receives the unexpected visit of a couple of costumers. She tells the detailed big house project's program and the in need architect feels the money (thanks, Pink Floyd) coming, but...
    That´s the way we are the (most of) architects in Spain now...


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