Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Does God Exist? Out North Season Opener Part 3

[Headlines should reflect what you write.  Mine tend to be prosaic, but I try to remember they matter and to find something catchy from what I'm writing about.  So, yes, this question arises, but it's at the end (about 10:50) of the video below.]

The Out North Season Opening Event, as I said in the first post, generated (for me at least) a real excitement with the bringing together of a lot of different art, theater, dance, writing opportunities from a wide array of people and groups in the Anchorage community. Everyone was clearly pleased about their own membership in the 'club' and as the evening went on they got to see all the other neat folks they'd be rubbing elbows with in the hallways of  the former Grandview Garden library building, which before that was an electrical station.

I imagine that as the year goes by some of that excitement will be tempered by conflicts over how one group leaves the rehearsal space for the next group; over people unable to keep up with the pace; personal problems that interfere with artistic ambitions; performances that don't live up to the initial concept; and a myriad of other obstacles. But my bet is that people will overcome those problems and fulfill the promise of Thursday night.

And since I had an empty sd card in my camera and a battery that didn't start blinking its imminent demise until the very end, I just kept shooting more video. Maybe when the frustrations of making those dreams actually come true gets too heavy, people can come back to these videos to remember why they're working so hard.  And there are a couple of folks in the UK who, I'm sure, like to look in on their grandchildren, so to speak. 

So, here's the video Part 3. In it you meet the people from Focus - their connection to Out North is a little different. Their plan is to bring visual arts, theater, poetry, etc. to kids with disabilities and their families. Then one of the co-founders of F Magazine (I didn't catch the name) gives her Anchorage Arts rant. Then Scott's notion of a multi-disciplinary Art House.
Finally, the youth - Brave New Alaskan Voices. Three perform for you - in part - on the video. And you can ponder God's existence with the last performer.

To see Part 1.
To see Part 2.

I've edited a little bit, but this is much longer than I would normally do. That's why it's taking so long to get it all up.

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