Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cordova Sampler - Bear, Bridge, Ice, Wedding

This is just a sneak preview.  We spent a spectacular two days at the Child's Glacier then got back into town today for the wedding of Joe Senungetuk and Martha Hoover.  More on all this later, but here's an appetizer.

Child's Glacier

Million Dollar Bridge


  1. Oh the million dollar bridge! am reading a book right now about the copper mine , the bridge, the peoples
    One of my granpas had a blacksmith shop in Cordova in early 1900s
    Waiting for more about your adventures
    Alaska Pi

  2. Enjoyed your pictures. I went to high school in Cordova, graduated there in 1968. If I remember correctly Martha Hoover is part of the family that owns Hoovers Movers.

    We used to drive to the Million Dollar Bridge a lot when we were kids.

    Thanks for the memories.

  3. That church is lovely, Steven-- do please tell us who was getting married and give them our well wishes!

    I have been to the Copper River-- I had been to Europe and seen their impressive rivers, but the Copper seems wider and swifter. Maybe it was only the part I was driving over? Did you learn how the Million Dollar Bridge was made? It has an amazing story to go with it!

  4. Kellie, I did get their permission to name them. And I did, So read it again, more carefully. :)

  5. Child's glacier and the bridge, next time. I like the photo of the ceremony too.

  6. I think I saw the picture of the bear and looked at your pictures (bear-glacier-bridge-church) and didn't read what you wrote. I do not know Joe and Martha but I wish them many happy years together!


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