Sunday, December 26, 2010

Roots, Ribs, Sidewalks

Why cut a beautiful, healthy tree growing in the city?

I was taking advantage of the sunshine and warm temps to go for a run Saturday morning from the motel to my mom's place. (Which was full up with our kids.) 

And saw a long row of cut trees.  And there was probably a good reason when I saw what the roots had done to the sidewalk.  But it's not the big buckling that's a problem for me.  It's the part where the next slab sticks up about two inches.

Shortly after taking those pictures, the toe of my shoe caught the edge, and I went airborne, all in slow motion now.  I thought about the dislocated finger caused by just such a flight a year and a half ago, I saw the grass to my left, I pulled in my arms, pulled down my head and landed in beautiful shoulder roll and was back up on my feet all probably in no more than three or four seconds.

But when I started walking I could feel the ribs on my left side.  I had about a mile to go and walking wasn't bad.  I eventually started a slow run and made it ok.  But the ribs were very tender.  I slept on my right side last night and things are a better today. 

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