Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hurtling Through the Sky in a Metal Tube

Assume it's 1527 London and Thomas Cromwell is telling Cardinal Woolsey that he can just get into a metal tube and fly to France without having to get seasick crossing the English Channel. 

Or riding up the Congo in the late 19th Century telling Joseph Conrad  he can return to Europe by air. 

I'm still amazed that we get into these metal tubes and fly 37,000 feet above the trees and rocks and waves.  There I was flying over the US West Coast, but lost in Cromwell and Woolsey's England as I read Wolf Hall, while the woman next to me was lost in the Congo reading King Leopold's Ghost. 

Earlier we got to the airport with time to spare, the long lines at security weren't there.  We walked through at 7:50am without anyone in front of us.  That gave us time to get some walking in before having to sit for 6 hours. We figure the distance from the end of Terminal B to the end of Terminal C in the Anchorage Airport is .14 miles.  So one lap is about .28 miles, and 3.5 laps would be close to a mile.  We got about 40 minutes walk in before going to our gate.  The geese in Terminal B were decorated in Christmas garb.

The sky was rosy above the Chugach as we passed over Prince William sound around 10am.

Seattle was socked in. 

But we got to see Pat McGuire's FOOD CHAIN:  Silver Salmon and Herring as we went from Terminal D to Terminal C to catch the plane on to LA.

It was great to be picked up by my mom and son.  The rain was gone and moon is shining bright.  We hooked up with my daughter and her friend for dinner.  Good times. 

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it.  For the rest, enjoy the time off and I hope you have some family and/or friends nearby and you enjoy your time with them. 

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