Monday, December 20, 2010

Go Out Right Now and Watch the Eclipse

Here's the pre-eclipse Anchorage moon about an hour ago.  It should be starting any time now.

It snowed again last night so I took this picture of the deck where I'm headed after I post this and then shoveled the snow.  The moon is visible and bright.

It will be going on for several hours so you have time. 

 From Drsky:

Observers in the western hemisphere will be treated to a great

total lunar eclipse on the night of December 20th/21st.

Total lunar eclipses are some of the most amazing events to view

in the night sky!

What makes this years eclipse so amazing; is the fact that the moon

Will ride very high in the sky and the eclipse will be seen from coast to coast.

Here are some details and links on this most amazing celestial event, as we end 2010!

Go to the drsky link for more info.

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