Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Blog Adjustments During Film Festival

You have to keep moving or you die, right?  So, I've adjusted the orange header box on top, to reflect that I'm focusing on the Anchorage International Film Festival for the next two weeks.  (I bet you didn't notice until you read it here.)  I'm also experimenting with a new feature on blogger (ok, fairly new) that allows me to make 'pages' that are not posts.  More like pages on a website.  You get to them from a tab on top!  (Actually I could have  used a box on the side as well, but that's already cluttered up.)

If you look below the orange header you can see two tabs - Home and Anchorage International Film Festival 2010.

Home gets you to the blog.
Anchorage International Film Festival 2010 gets you to a 'page' where I'm keeping a linked index to festival posts so it's easier to find specific films, film makers, tips, etc.

For you other blogspot-bloggers, you can have up to ten pages.  So, you could actually make a website using blogger.  Ah... the more things change the more they stay the same.  

This should be a useful addition from blogger.  Now, I'd like them to give us sub-labels.  I could put sub-labels for Eagle and Swan under the label for Birds. Then I could do more labels, but have just the major labels listed in that messy right hand column.  (Blogger calls them labels; others call them tags.)

If you haven't done so already, go try the tab.

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