Sunday, December 05, 2010

AIFF 2010: Video Reaction to "Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi" and other Notes

The 5pm slot left me with choosing between two good movies I'd previewed on DVD - Fanny, Annie, and Danny and The Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi.  In the end I chose Fanny simply because it meant I could just stay there for The Temptation of St. Tony at 7:30.  (More on those two later including video of Chris Brown talking about Fanny, Annie, and Danny.) 

But I heard from a couple of folks that echoed my own impressions of the Vince Guaraldi movie.  The Out North venue was full and the movie's rich trove of music and civil rights history was moving.  Here's one of the festival passholder's comments in the video:

I also want to point out the Anchorage International Film Festival tab above. It has links to various posts I've done on the festival and I have a Today section which points out events of interest each day.

For instance The Temptation of St. Tony is playing again at 8:30pm at Out North. It's a great movie for people who think of themselves as serious film goers - it's black and white and the modern day middle manager Tony - part of Estonian post Soviet nouveau riche faces the spiritual emptiness of his life as he faces the huge gap between the newly wealthy and the many poor. Like the early Egyptian St. Anthony, Tony faces temptations to test his goodness. Taavi Eelmaa told me Friday the movie is basically about whether it is possible in society to be a good person. While it is not an action packed Hollywood movie, neither is it without humor, sex, or violence to keep a general movie goer's interest as well. But the film language (not the Estonian, there are subtitles, though there were a couple of times the subtitles were only in what I assume was Estonian, but the language of how the film was shot) is different, but understandable.

And Taavi Eelmaa, the star of the movie, will be there to answer any questions. You can see a video of him Friday night talking briefly about his film. He said he was afraid of cameras.

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