Saturday, December 04, 2010

AIFF 2010: Taavi Eelmaa is Afraid of Cameras

Tonight is the first of two showings of The Temptation of St. Tony.  Last night I got to talk to the actor playing Tony in the film, Taavi Eelmaa.  As you can see. if you watch the short video, this guy is special.  From his shrinking back - with a smile - when I tell him my little digital camera is on video, to his brief, serious explanation of  the original St. Anthony. 

This is one of the films I have highest expectations for, though I'm prepared to be disappointed.  But briefly talking to Taavi encourages me. The film is about nothing less, he says, than whether it is "possible at all to be in society a good person?"

Just for fun, I tried Google's translation of Taavi's Estonian Wikipedia portrait.  It changed his name to Jim Johnson and his gender to female and left some of it untranslated.  So I went to Translator which also changed his name and gender, but translated more of the text.

Jim Johnson (born 15 June 1971 in Tallinn), Estonia is an actress. 
Jim Johnson graduated from the 1996 17th Course in Drama Actor air. Kalju Komissarov tutor. 
After school, Jim Johnson worked for six years in the Drama Theatre. Since August 2002, Johnson & Johnson is the Von Krahl Theater. After a successful teatritöö she has performed in several feature films and short films. The most famous of these is Veiko Õunpuu "Empty Beach" and "Autumn Ball." 
Jim Johnson has played a leading role in Veiko Õunpuu 2009th At the end of which premiered the film "Temptation of St Tony." Jim Johnson has played Maria Avdjuško short film, "What is your name?", which was Linnar Priimäega erotic scenes. embodies a series of "Sledge Dogs" investigator mailbox (from the eighth season). 
Jim Johnson Alexander Johnson's father is an actor. June 2003

nominated for best European Production Designer(s) at the 2010 European Film Awards for their work on Temptation of St. Tony.  Coincidentally, the awards will be announced in Tallinn, Estonia - the film maker's home - on December 4, the same day the film first shows in Anchorage.

[UPDATE Dec. 4: The Temptation of St. Tony was up for the European Production Designer Award at the  2010 European Film Awards for their work on Temptation of St. Tony.  The award ceremony was tonight in Talinn, Estonia.  We're enough time zones away that it already happened and St. Tony lost to Roman Polansky's The Ghostwriter which swept six of the 18 awards.]

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