Tuesday, December 07, 2010

AIFF 2010: Tuesday Festival Tips for Pearl Harbor Day

I've added a tab for the "Anchorage International Film Festival - Daily Tips" just under the orange header.  But it seems most people don't know it's there.  So today I'm going to also put up my tips as a separate post too. 

Tuesday Dec. 7  - TODAY'S   TIPS 
This is getting harder as it becomes obvious that there are too many overlaps. For example
  • Hello Lonesome is a feature in competition at 5:30pm at the Bear Tooth.  It's won some awards.  But it's 93 minutes so if I watch it all, I can't get to Out North in time to see all of . . .
  • Journey on the Wild Coast starting at 7pm at Out North.  This documentary is about Hig and Erin who walked/skied/and paddled from Seattle to the Aleutians.  I missed it in another conflict once. 
  • The Wild Hunt was the opening night show and plays again at 7:45 at Bear Tooth.  You can read my thoughts and hear some audience reaction.  It's worth seeing, but I don't agree with the reviewers who put it 'in competition' but left Fanny, Annie, and Danny out of competition.  I certainly am not interested in a second go at it.  
  • I think I'll just go to Out North for the 5:30 Documentary double bill - My Perestroika (in competition) and Samsui Women, a movie from Singapore.  Stay for Journey and the shorts program Crazy Love.   Damn.  How can they have a whole shorts program and not have a single one of the films in competition in it?  But judging by the animated films I saw Sunday, the best films may not all be 'in competition.'  Jeff Watkins who made Dishonesty which I did see and will be meaningful to anyone in a relationship, is scheduled to be there. 
  • Then back to Bear Tooth for the Canadian Reception and shorts at 9:45pm.
Given that today is Pearl Harbor Day, the programmers missed a great chance to show The Red Machine  today.  We saw it last night.  It's about breaking the Japanese code machine in prior to WW 2.  It's a film that was invited and is not in competition.  It was a very slick and irreverent spy movie.  It shows again on Wednesday at 7:45pm at the Bear Tooth. 

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  1. Oh...it would have been cool to have The Red Machine play on the Day That Shall Live in Infamy! Thank you for the thought...

    Stephanie Argy (slick) and Alec Boehm (irreverent)
    The Red Machine


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