Sunday, December 12, 2010

AIFF 2010: Snow Dance 2

The SnowDance 2 program was packed Saturday evening.  This picture was still five minutes before the show began.  More cushions were brought out for floor people. 

The audience made lots of appreciative noises during Peter Dunlap-Shohl's Oblivion 1964, a short animation about the big Alaska earthquake.  Peter has Parkinson's and writes a Parkinson's blog and another one called Frozen Grin, but in this picture he was just fooling around. 

Jack Dalton starred in Native Time.  This movie visually gets across some cross-cultural time conflicts.  The slow motion Native crossing the street driving the fast speed non-Native drivers should be understandable to most.

I'll add some video of the Q&A later today.

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