Monday, December 06, 2010

AIFF 2010: Iditarod Film - Mush's Maker Alex Stein Video

I ran into Alex Stein Sunday night at the Bear Tooth. He and I were on Shannyn Moore's show at KUDO (1080 am) together Friday - but we were both calling in - to talk about the film festival. Shannyn's asked me to call in after the 1pm news during the festival to talk about what looks good each day. I think I might have said that in an earlier post, sorry. It's hard keeping things straight. For tonight's lineup, click on the Alaska International Film Festival tab above.

Anyway, Alex gave a brief description of the film on the video.  Mush  plays again  

Saturday evening at 7:30 in a Snowdance (Alaska films) program at Out North.

Alex focused on some of the mushers who were bringing up the tail end of the race to learn about their motivation when they know they can't win. (Why does everyone have to always win? Just being able to mush to Nome is adventure enough.) He's scheduled to be at the presentation Saturday.

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