Thursday, December 09, 2010

AIFF 2010: Conflicts and Another Shot at Vince Guaraldi

The Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi was once.  Sunday at 5pm.  At Out North.  People were turned away, I'm told.  Fanny, Annie, and Danny was shown once - Sunday at 5:30pm.  By lucky fate, I'd previewed both of them on DVD and so when I had to choose between them, it wasn't so painful. 

Both of these are outstanding movies.  I've written about each already.  Both should be shown again so that Anchorage audiences get a chance to see them again. 

A workshop was canceled Sunday at Out North at 3pm, and another showing of Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi is taking its place.  This is good.  But we need a chance to see it once on the big screen at the Bear Tooth.  Fortunately, it's among the documentaries in competition, so it has a chance to get in the Best of the Fest.  You can read why I like it and hear from Andrew Thomas who made it, here.

Fanny, Annie, and Danny is a feature, but wasn't selected to be in competition.  You can hear from Chris Brown the film maker and read why I like it here.  Fanny, et al. is one of my top three for the festival.  I'm hoping that it will get slipped into the Best of the Fest next week so people have another chance to see this film with its fantastic acting and haunting characters. 

There are other features I haven't seen yet which could also be good.  I heard a good review of Hello Lonesome, which plays a second time Saturday at 5:10 pm at Out North.  Opposite the epic Chinese historical drama on a banking family over 100 years ago, Empire of Silver which plays for the first time at 5:15pm Saturday at the Bear Tooth.

And Karma Calling plays for the first and second time
Friday 7:45pm at Bear Tooth and
Saturday 8:30pm at Out North

One other conflict situation arises because there are two venues at Out North.  But the program doesn't reflect that.  It doesn't List Out North A and Out North B.  So it isn't obvious that the program you want will get out in time for the next program.  Example:

5:30  XXXX
7:00  YYYY
8:00  ZZZZ

I thought I could go to all three.  But it turns that YYYY is in one room and ZZZZ is in another and YYYY runs 40 minutes into the beginning of ZZZZ.  You have to check out the length of the film, workshop, or program.  OK, you can tell if they start within 30 minutes of each other, but some of the longer gaps are unclear - especially for people who didn't know there were two separate venues at Out North. 

And don't forget - the second showing of Full Disclosure, the film by a journalist, Brian Palmer, embedded with the same Marine unit in Iraq for three tours.  Powerful. Out North at 7 on Friday.  This is an intimate picture of marines in Iraq.  And the ethical problems faced by embedded journalists. 

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