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AIFF 2010: Awards - Live Blogging Over - Winners Lists

10:31  Best of Fest Schedule - The musicians are playing again and people are talking.  I'm done now.  Congratulations to the winners!

5:30  -  Empire of Silver
8pm  Best of Mixed Media (Live Action and Animation)

5:30  - Statehood           
8pm  - Full Disclosure with A Life Ascending

5:30  -  The Last Station         
8pm - Journey on the Wild Side

5:30  -  Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi         
8pm  The Beekeepers and Quick Freeze Winners


 2010 Audience Choice Awards -  Chosen by audience - over 55 minute films
Documentary -
3rd Place - Brian Palmer - Full Disclosure
2nd place - Exporting Raymond
 1st Place Vince Guaraldi

Best Narrative
3rd Choice -  Drummond Will
2nd Choice - Last Station
1st Choice - Empire of Silver

3rd - Journey Along the Wild Coast
2nd - Beekeepers
1st - Statehood

10:17  Quick Freeze - these were five day films made
Runner Up -  The Clapper
Winner - Dear Self in Ten Years

10:11 Features
Honorable Mention - The Empire of Silver
Runner Up - The Drummond Will
Winner - The Wild Hunt

Snow Dance
Honorable Mention - Portrait of Nikolai
Runner Up - Beekeepers
Winner - Native Time


Honorable Mention - Full Disclosure
Runner Up - Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi
Winner - Stolen

Christian and Trevor Tyler film makers - European Son

9:55pm - starting up again some pics from the break

9:26 - 15 minute break


Best Animation -
Honorable Mention - Millhaven
Runner Up - Not Over Easy
Winner - Ode To a Post it Note  

9:15 John has his pants back on. Now shorts - Chuck and Rich
Honrable Mention - European Son
Runner Up - Noble Savage
Winner - Caron

9:10  Supershorts - John is just wearing his shorts  - Jamie is now up there.  
 Three finalists - Canada - Nuit Blanche
Salut and

Honorable mention;  Salut - Jerry Rath
2nd Place  -  Josh Turner - The Foal
Winner  - Nuit Blanche

9:02  Rand is thanking the sponsors and the volunteers.  Tony and Michele just joined rand on the stage.

8:52 - John's talking 

8:47  John - right - is now on stage as MC.

Here's a picture I took a few minutes ago of the Golden Oosikar awards.

8:42 - We're watching Neil Mansfield's The Owl in the Snow.  

8:22pm It's still empty inside as the musicians are practicing great blues and outside the crowd is waiting.

This is not going to start on time.  It will take longer than that for people to find their seats.  I better move up front and go from plug in to battery.

Rand reserving seats for film makers
7:52pm  The Bear Tooth is empty except for people setting up.

40 minutes to go.  For a minute I thought there might not be any live blogging because I could get wifi, but it wasn't connected.  But Jason (I think his name was Jason) got it going and there's even a back up wifi just in case.

Musicians setting up and testing sound

Here's the list of the films of competition in each category.  I've linked the animation - you can see clips from them - and the features.  I haven't seen all the films in any category.  The way they were scheduled made it pretty difficult unless you focused on just one or two categories.  

I'll use this list as the basis and then I'll be updating this as awards are announced. So just keep checking this post starting at about 8:45 Alaska time tonight.   At the bottom of the list of films in competition I have an updated version of an older post on My Criteria for aGood Movie.

Super Shorts

Eulogy Maker
*  Leslie Langee USA
The Foal*  Josh Tanner Australia
In That Moment*  Shripriya Mahesh  USA
Nuit Blanche*  Arev Manoukian  Canada
Run Granny Run!*  Nikolaus von Uthmann  Germany
Salut*  Jerry Rapp  USA
The Wasp and the Caterpillar*  Daniel Fazio  UK/Italy


Caron* Pierre Zandrowicz France
European Son* Tyler Zelinsky USA 
King Eternal* Ori Guendelman USA
Leather* James Boldiston Australia
The Long Lonely Walk*
The Noble Savage* Wesley Wingo USA
White Other* Dan Hartley


The Arctic Circle* Kevin Parry Canada
B/W Races* Jacopo Martinoni Italy
Millhaven*  Bartek Kulas Poland  
Not Over Easy* Jordan Canning Canada
Ode to a Post-It Note* Jeff Chiba Stearns Canada
Ping* Jason Oshman USA
The Wonder Hospital*   Beomsik Shimbe Shim USA


The Anatomy of Vince Guaraldi*
Andrew Thomas USA
Ed Hardy: Tattoo The World* Emiko Omori USA
Full Disclosure* Brian Palmer USA/Various
Keiko: The Untold Story* Theresa Demarest USA
My Perestroika* Robin Hessman UK/Russian Federation
She Wore Silver Wings* Devin Scott USA
Stolen* Violeta Ayala Daniel Fallshaw Australia/USA


The Beekeepers*  Bryant Mainord  USA (AK)
MUSH: The Movie*  Alex Stein  USA (AK)
Native Time*  Sean Morris  USA (AK)
Parlez-Vous Eyak*  Laura Bliss Spaan  USA (AK)
A Portrait of Nikolai* Youth of Nikolai  USA (AK)
Rain Power*  Hannah Guggenheim  USA (AK)
The Yup’ik Way* Beth Edwards USA (AK)


Bai Yin Di Guo [Empire of Silver]

Christina Shu-hwa Yao

The Drummond Will

Alan ButterworthUK
Hello Lonesome

Adam ReidUSA

Karma Calling

Sarba DasUSA

Son Istasyon [Last Station]

Ogulcan KircaTurkey

The Temptation of St. Tony

Veiko ÕunpuuEstonia

The Wild Hunt

Alexandre FranchiCanada

Quick Freeze

Best of Fest

So what were my criteria? There are several factors. (This is from 2007 so the movie references are to films in that year's festival.)
  • Technical Quality A continuum from.. problems..very good..innovative. Some might have a combination of more than one of these which makes it harder to judge. Clearly Anonymous and I Have Seen the Future impressed me with their innovative technical styles.
  • Content - There's a vague continuum from:
    • Negative/disrespectful ...Boring...good story....originality...currency...impact
    • I gave my only really negative review to The Dalai Lama's Cat because I thought it was a very negative and disrespectful portrayal. That doesn't mean a film can't be critical - I gave Taxi to the Dark Side lots of credit for being critical of the Defense Department's use of torture. But they provided lots of evidence. The Cat filmmakers began with what appears to be a bogus story about a cat, knew apparently little or nothing about the Dalai Lama or the Tibetan people, and then used Tibet, its people, and its holy shrines as the props for their ethnocentric humor. They used the Dalai Lama's name to sell their picture. It was simply rude and disrespectful to get a laugh and sell their movie. This is not about being politically correct. If you drop a kid on his head for laughs (which they did in the movie) that's not acceptable in my value system. Most depressing was how many people did laugh.
    • Content is probably the most variable issue, since what interests me may not interest you. I thought Prize of the Pole and Taxi to the Dark Side both covered important social/political issues well, but that Taxi's was focused on a more current issue and had potentially more impact.
    • Friends thought No Place Like Home was awful. I thought it had some editing problems, but there were a lot of things in there that I enjoyed.
  • Use of Medium. Movies combine sight and sound and movement. The best movies are those that take advantage of the medium and tell their stories in ways that you couldn't tell it orally, in a book, etc.
  • Whole Package. Even with weaknesses here and there, a film could pull it off by doing some things so well that the problems don't really matter.  Just like parts of a face, individually, might be a little off, all together the face can be beautiful. So the same is true for the movie.

    Erik Knudsen said this year (2010) that a good movie is one that moves you one that reaches you. I think that's mostly what I mean by the whole package.

    So, ultimately, everyone will have different best movies. 

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