Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter, finally

Thanksgiving Day

The wimpy snow followed by rain we've had haven't pushed us into a proper winter, but it looks like we're there thanks to a couple of Thanksgiving inches.  It finally looks and feels like it should. 

This first picture was on Thanksgiving Day.  The rest were today.

The bike path plow is busy near the new light on 36th at MacInnes.  I was skeptical about yet another light to slow down traffic on 36th.  Then when one of the traffic guys said, at a community council meeting, that most vehicles on MacInnes will now probably have to wait longer than in the past.  Time tests showed traffic breaks without the light came more frequently than the light will change.  GRRRR!  Once a few loud people get a project in queue it won't come off even when it doesn't make sense.  Maybe they could set the light so it will blink yellow on 36th and red for MacInnes most of the time, and then have the light when the traffic is really heavy between 4pm and 6pm when UAA is open.  But I'm not holding my breath.  It also means cyclists who want to cross at this point have to wait three minutes for the light to change or break the law.  Not good traffic policy.

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