Friday, November 05, 2010

How Big is Africa? Readjusting Your Brain

This blog's underlying theme - though it might not always be obvious - is how do we know what we know? This image surely must challenge how you know the world.

From Information is Beautiful via ConBon Thanks!


  1. Ayyyy, I don't really like the term "Eastern Europe". It has such a negative meaning nowadays. You must not have felt but I tell you that when people in "Western Europe" realised that I am from Hungary they didn't take me as seriously as before. I don't say everyone did it, but you know what I mean. However it is still better than what happened with a secondary school buddy who was in the US and everyone considered him an effing Soviet commie (they considered Hungary part of the USSR).

  2. Well, Ropi, you are readjusting our brains further. I'm sure the map maker didn't realize the negative stereotype you see in the words "Eastern Europe." Thanks for calling it to our attention.

  3. Brazil is pretty darn big too, 5x the size of Alaska.


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