Friday, November 05, 2010

Great New York Times Election Results Map

Click here (not on map) for interactive version
While checking on the results for the black candidates for Congress, I found this  New York Times interactive map where the cursor highlights individual districts and numbers and percentages.  It was the easiest way to check different races around the country. 

In some places it was hard to find a specific district until I realized I could click on the map and enlarge it.

Also, knowing your geography helps a lot.  And putting Alaska and Hawaii in Mexico doesn't help.  They could have approximated the real locations by moving the map legends around a bit.  But they live in New York so even if they knew, they wouldn't care.  (Do I sound bitter?  Sorry.  Maybe if New York showed up regularly in the Gulf of Mexico on maps, they'd understand how we feel.)

Election trivia I picked up along the way:

Democrat Adam Smith won a seat from Washington State.

And a lesson from Minnesota on the importance of where you put the district lines:

  • In Minnesota District 4, Democrat Betty McCullum beat her Republican opponent by 56,000 votes.
  • In Minnesota District 5, Democrat Keith Ellison beat his Republican opponent by 99,000 votes.
  • In Minnesota District 6, Republican Michele Bachman beat her Democratic opponent by 39,000 votes.

    The Democrats' left over votes were 4,000 less than Bachman's 159,000.

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