Monday, November 22, 2010

Aunt Flo's 1911 Trip to Fairbanks at lol irw with to & ho

For Alaska history buffs, Heidi Olson at Laughing Out Loud in the Real World is posting her Great Aunt Flo's trip from Seattle to Fairbanks in 1911.  She has copy of the hand written journal and she's typed it out as well.  The posts are going up to be read on the same dates they were written, 99 years later.  It starts on October 31, 2010  and begins:
Awoke early - my last day in Seattle for awhile. Finish packing. Ida buys my ticket. Answered phone [call] of Capt. Donovan. Mrs. Clingen comes. Good dinner. Mr. Turner comes in auto to take us to the dock. Olive comes and brings packages. ALL ABOARD. Capt. heaves into sight. Kiss all goodbye and go on board to stateroom 30. Northwestern Ship. Nice stateroom. Go to bed.

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