Monday, June 07, 2010

Lupe Marroquin, Alaska House Candidate District 31

At the Democratic event last Monday just after the filing deadline, in addition to the video of Janet Reiser, I also got this video of another new candidate, Lupe Marroquin.  As I wrote in the post last week, Lupe went to extraordinary lengths to make sure I got a ballot when I was in Thailand a couple of years ago.  She has no opponents in the primary, but incumbent Bob Lynn does have an opponent (Steve Pratt) in the Republican primary.  And as I wrote last week, Rep. Lynn was one of the legislators I saw regularly in Juneau, and while I don't agree with all his stands, I'm convinced he's an honest politician who votes for what makes sense for the public as he sees it, and he's not blinded by ideology or tied to the party line.   And I'm biased for another reason.  Besides being one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Representatives, he's one of the few who has his own independent blog (not set up by staff for his official legislative or party website.)  Marroquin has a campaign Facebook page.

I had some trouble with Viddler so I made a Youtube version as well.  You can try them both and see if you find one better than the other. 

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