Monday, June 21, 2010

Fresh Greens

A friend, whose garden is already doing really well, dropped a bag of fresh greens off the other day.  Since we didn't get back until the very end of May, we have no home started seedlings this year.  Plus where we used to grow vegetables has gotten pretty shady over they years. 

We did join a CSA this year - that's Consumer Supported Agriculture.  I learned about those when I was working in Thailand and wrote a long post about it then, including links to some Alaska CSAs.  

This is a way to support local farmers by agreeing in advance to buy a box of freshly grown food every one or two weeks.  J set this up and I think we pick ours up every two weeks.  We joined with other friends and we'll split the bounty. 

I'll post more about this option later.  This one we joined brings up food from Seattle during the winter so it's not really all local. Until we have more greenhouses using alternative fuels (such as the Seeds of Change program that will use steam from the Municipal electrical plant), we're not going to have many local vegetables here in the winter.

This bok choi and lettuce was fantastic.  Thanks D.

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