Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fiction Even Stranger than Fact

Every once in a while my mind spins out totally absurd scenarios.  I assure you this is complete fabrication, but just for fun, imagine. . .

Afghan Mineral Wealth Part of DOD Afghanistan Exit Strategy

So, you've heard about the trillion dollar mineral discoveries in Afghanistan.  I'm guessing this is really a desperate plot to get out of Afghanistan without the Taliban taking over.   The US is hoping that they can broker some sort of face saving deal to pull out of Afghanistan.  Then,  even though the Russians left Afghanistan with their tail between their legs the US is hoping all that mineral wealth will lure the Russians back and they'll have to fight the Taliban.  This time though, the US won't be arming their enemy. 

Sarah Palin to Become BP Spokesperson in US

By now you've all heard that Sarah is headed for the UK and is even setting up a photo opportunity with Margaret Thatcher.  But the real story is that she's been negotiating with BP to become their North American spokesperson.  She's going to work it all out.  You thought she made money with the book and tv deals; this one will make all that sound like peanuts.  But we'll never get the details.  Before long, the little people will be back shouting Drill Baby Drill.

Thinking about Palin getting a photo with Margaret Thatcher, who's been suffering from dementia since 2003 - her daughter said, in 2008,
The death of Sir Denis Thatcher in 2003 was “truly awful” since she “kept forgetting he was dead”
made me think of our kids getting their pictures taken with the stuffed moose that used to be in Tok.

OK, for those of you who come here for more sober posts, I'm blaming it on the spectacular solstice we had yesterday.  It went straight to my head. 

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